Friday, August 1, 2008

Neighbor of Michael Bentt gets bent by Bentt

Mark Emerson, neighbor of Michael Bentt, claims in a new lawsuit that Bentt beat him down when he tried to tell the retired heavyweight boxer to keep the noise down. The lawsuit, which you can read here, alleges that, "Michael opened the front door and repeatedly punched Emerson about the face and body until he was unconscious. Emerson lay on the ground unconscious in a pool of his own blood until medical evacuation personnel arrived and took him to the hospital emergency room." The lawsuit furthermore claims that Emerson suffered from, "...cuts and gashes on his face which required 6 stitches, a broken eye socket, a broken cheek bone, two black eyes, a bruised collar bone, a huge lump on the back of his head, numbness in the face, a chronically drooping eye socket and cheek, diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder, distorted vision, dizziness, nervousness, and anxiety."


George Forman's Left Hook said...

Who on earth would go next door and tell a former champ to "quiet down"?! It's the same reason Mike Tyson has tigers... are you going to tell him he can't have tigers?

Anonymous said...

Who on earth would do it? A crazy recluse, with no job whose only intention is to milk 5 minutes of fame. Anybody in America can file a complaint --it's the American way. But real truth lies within the biggest liar. And the so called victim sleeps with this every night(with one eye open). And so it is.