Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As the baseball season starts to dwindle down to September every game start's to count for the New York Yankees. This is a criucial month for the Yanks as they have found themselves on the outside looking in, in the AL East. It has not been a magical run and the Yanks have had alot of key injuries to their team this season which has distracted them from the game and has made ownership stop believeing in them. When ownership has a negative attiitude towards the team it is very hard for the team to focus on the Fundamentals needed to put a winning team on the field. With eight all-stars and a 210 million dollar payroll it is very hard to beleive that the Yankee's are having a dismal year. When you have power hitters on an offense that can produce runs at any given time in a game, players like Jeter, Giambi, A-Rod, Pudge and even Melky have to lead the team. This year these big name players have not been able to produce and show their true colors and this is why the Yanks are struggling to gain ground in a competitve American League East Race. In my opinion it is to late for me to believe that the Yankees have any hope left of trying to make the Playoffs this year. The Rays have been playing outstanding baseball even without their two most important players Crawford and Longoria. Thier pitching has been solid with Kazmir leading the way and their offense is young and powerful. The Rays have alot of rookies on the team that have established thmeselves and made names for themsleves this year. The leadership of Joe Madden has been great and this team is fun to watch. They are not going to give up and I beleive they are going to win the division and march all the waty into the ALCS to face the Angels where they woll lose in seven games. The Boston Redsox have solid pitching and have been putting a great offenseive fight as of late and are very tough to beat at Fenway. I think the Redsox are going to be the wildcard team this year, but I dont think they are going to have enough to go all the way to the World Series. Dont forget Manny is not their anymore and cant provide that big hit when they need it most. Yankee Fans just remember you have one of the best teams in baseball and it's sad to say that this year the Bronx will not be hosting a playoff game, instead A Rod and Jeter will be palying Golf and resting up for next season. Watch out because the RAYS are knocking on your door. IS ANYBODY ALIVE OUT THERE!!!!



Anonymous said...

I think the ownership is partially to blame for the problems the Yankees have been having. Instead focusing on building their farm system, they decided to invest in multi-million dollar players that so far, have only gotten them as far as the ALCS in the last couple of years. The Yankees still might have a shot, of all the cards fall into place. Otherwise, get rid of Cashman, tell the owners to put a sock in it and let mangers manage the team. Then you will have a supreme baseball team in the Bronx.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment regarding the Yankees. I could not agree with you more regarding Cashmen and the ownership. The Yankees have the highest payroll in all of baseball and yet have not been successful in the postseason over the last six years. If the yanks don't make it to the playoffs this year than to have to consider their options moving forward. I think they will have to clean house and start fresh for team to have a new outlook on the game of baseball.